Dr Silvia Loeffler is an artist, researcher and educator who works across disciplines to map the psychology of a space and its people. She is a lecturer in Visual Culture at the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) , and her arts practice is based on collaborations with community members to create layered, site-specific installations that honour the participants’ sense of place and their emotional responses to their environment.

The installations are held together by map fragments, personal narratives and images of past and present to discuss the cultural and socio-economic changes of an area and its effects on the community. Silvia revives, transform and re-creates maps within current infrastructure by involving communities to find some answers to the questions: What is the city? Who are its people? What are our shared narratives of public space? What makes this place ‘home’?

Long-term projects include Dark Fog: Deep Mappings of Belonging of Citizenship (2022-23), funded by the Arts Council of Ireland, City Routes: A Deep Mapping of Dublin’s Central Library (2020-21), funded by Create Ireland & the Arts Council and Dublin City Council, Transit Gateway: A Deep Mapping of Dublin Port (2017-18), funded by Dublin Port Company and the LAB Gallery / Dublin City Arts Office, and her postdoctoral work  Glas Journal: A Deep Mapping of Dún Laoghaire Harbour (2014-16).