Dark Fog

Dark Fog: Mappings of Belonging and Citizenship

I have always been interested in why people are leaving and why people are coming to certain places – and how we can address mental mid-states of ‘not-having-arrived-yet’, or, perhaps ‘never-really-arriving’. So many of my mappings deal with sanctuaries, in-between spaces, crossroads and channels – somehow my visualisations are always falling back onto the mythological meanings of ‘citizen’, our connections to nature, and innate rhythms, life cycles and gateways to the ‘Otherworld’ that are shaped by the magic, taboo and power of the everyday.

Dark Fog will be about belonging, citizenship and transition and engage with potential partners to build a shared creative narrative about the in/visible experiences of integration. The development of this work is funded by the Arts Council of Ireland, who awarded me an Arts Participation Bursary for 2022.

© Silvia Loeffler, 2022